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Kyle Ledson - Crooked Mandolin



Look in this mirror tell me what you see

You said nothing nothing to me

But you know exactly what's hidden in there

A broken heart with money and nothing to share

You'd do anything for that green dollar bill

Even after she left you believed in it still

Look at you now you fell overboard

Love just ain't something that you can afford


What if it was the last day of your life

What if it was time to fly away

What if the treasure burned down

and you were in the blaze

Don't come to me to change your ways

I was surprised I expected more

Your fighting the current to get to shore

But it keeps pulling you back to the sea

Forgiveness is something that you won't get from me


I will let go and hear you talk

It's not like I'm showing you which way to walk

Don't come to me and complain and to whine

Cause you won't feel better if I told you your fine


© 2016 Kyle Ledson All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission only.