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Kyle Ledson - Crooked Mandolin



When I loved you, you weren't impressed

And all it ever did was get me stressed

When I mentioned leaving you became a different woman

And you begged me to stay here until the end


And you never said you loved me

You said you never cared

But you never let me go anywhere

Now I'm stuck here

No one else to choose

Cause I got them

Cold hard blues

And so I loved her and she loved me

But then she turned back and stung me like a bee

I'm gonna leave her all alone

And I'll pray she never calls me on the phone


She had gone now so far away

And I'll never see her face another day

She won't haunt me in any way

And I'll never regret the time I ran away


She never said she loved me

And I really didn't care

Nothing she ever said was ever fair

She had me stuck here with noone else to choose

But now I lost them cold hard blues

You know I lost them cold hard blues

© 2016 Kyle Ledson All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission only.